If you’re thinking about creating a corporate gym for your employees but not sure where to start in setting one up, call on the professionals. Energy Fitness Professionals specialise in designing and running corporate gyms, tailored to you and your company. Not only does a corporate gym offer a chance to improve your employee benefits, it improves employee health and wellbeing through pro-active health and leisure services – what Energy Fitness Professionals has been working towards throughout the UK since 1998, to become one of the longest standing, leading workplace fitness provider. Book a consultation and Energy Fitness Professionals will come to your office, talk you through a gym installation, advise you on machines and the running of a gym and answer any questions which you may have to help you to achieve exactly the gym you want. Energy Fitness Professionals not only provide practical advice on how to install and run a gym, they always impress with their commitment to creating a motivational environment to benefit employees in boosting their positivism and staff morale. Call Energy Fitness Professionals today on 01483 237 050 to find out how you can create a bespoke onsite fitness centre that enhances your corporate environment. Read our latest article: Help managing a company gym

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