Energy Fitness Professionals are corporate health specialists who build and manage corporate fitness and wellbeing centres. From designing your gym around the space that you have, to installing the machinery and building changing rooms, Energy Fitness Professionals will also run your centre for you. As the longest standing and one of the UK’s leading workplace fitness providers, Energy Fitness Professionals understand that each work place is different, and aims to create a fitness centre that will draw in your employees, to improve health and wellbeing for each individual both in the work place and in all aspects of daily life. Choose from a combination of aerobic machines and strengthening heavy weights machines, and Energy Fitness Professionals will advise employees on how to use the machines safely, and create their personal fitness plan designed to make each individual feel more energised, and focus better on personal and professional goals. Whatever size company and whatever size floor space, Energy Fitness Professionals will provide you with corporate gym management – one of the few companies that provide a 100% solution. Call Energy Fitness Professionals today on 01483 237 050 or email to find out how they can create an onsite fitness centre for you and your employees. Read our latest article: Office Gym Management Services

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