It is widely acknowledged that investing in your employee’s well-being will reap long term rewards, so if you have decided to invest in the installation of a gym in your business premises for the use of your employees, and are looking for a best practice company to manage this service, look no further than the professional team at Energy Fitness Professionals. Energy Fitness Professionals are the UK’s leading specialist provider of corporate gym solutions and management packages and they are dedicated to providing their valued clients with the very best gym design and installation advice, support and service and no matter what the size of company or gym. Energy Fitness Professionals offer an expert team of designers and fitness professionals to assist with your corporate gym requirements that will create and install the right gym environment for your employees to exercise and get fit according to your budget and allocated space. They are also able to provide a full management service whereby they will work with your employees to create personal fitness programmes that will help with any health or fitness issues that your staff may have. Call Energy Fitness Professionals today on 01483 237050 or email: for a prompt response. Read our latest article; Do you need a business exercise programme?

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