Benefits of Corporate Fitness

Take a look at how a fitness centre can help your business 

There are many benefits to implementing a Corporate Fitness Centre, Gym or Wellbeing programme at your workplace. Whether you are based at a campus, office, manufacturing plant or remotely offering your staff a corporate gym or wellbeing programme benefits your employees and your business. We have solutions for large or small organisation, you can take advantage of the benefits no matter your organisational setup. Take a look at the benefits of corporate fitness below, or click the links for more information.

If you are looking to implement a gym in your workplace but need help presenting the business case, we can help. Contact us, and we will assist you to put forward the advantages of a fitness centre or wellbeing programme. Whether your project goes ahead or not, there is no charge.

Benefits of Corporate Fitness to your business

Companies who invest in the Wellbeing of their employees outperform those that don’t

Fitter and Healthier Staff

Employees who exercise experience less sickness & absenteeism and more productivity with less presentism.

More Attractive to Recruits

Workplace benefits can attract candidates to your company.

Social Hubs & Synergies

Fitness Centres can act as a social hub for your company. We can also work with Occupational Health and Catering for a joined-up wellbeing approach.

Better Benefits Packages

Improve your overall benefits packages to your employees.​

Benefits of Corporate Fitness to your employees

Employees who feel looked after stay with employees longer and are more dedicated to their work

Feeling Fitter & Healthier

People who exercise experience less chronic disease, fewer
aches, pains and injuries, reduced stress and improved wellbeing.


Save Time

Workplace gyms allow staff to incorporate exercise into their daily work patterns.


Improved Work/ Life Balance

The convenience of a corporate gym allows for a better work/life balance.

Cheaper Than Commerical

Our Fitness Centres are usually 50% cheaper than a commercial centre.

Need a business case for your company?

If you are looking to a put a case forward for the benefits of a Corporate Fitness Centre in your workplace, then get in touch, and we will provide the business case for you free of charge with no obligation to use our services.

Start taking advantage of the benefits of corporate fitness for your business today.


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