If you, as a business owner, or manager, have come to realise that low productivity at work has a strong correlation with unhealthy lifestyles, then you are well on your way to resolving this issue. We’re pleased to say that there are numerous benefits of workplace fitness schemes. If at the moment, along with low productivity, within your workforce there is rising obesity, sickness absence and increased stress levels, then you’ll be amazed at how introducing exercise and fitness plans into the organisation will greatly decrease those problems. Now with longer working hours, it can be harder to find time to get to the gym outside of work. Therefore, if it’s implemented into the normal working week everyone will be getting the required levels of exercise. Make sure you also check out our ‘healthy living resources’ page where we have supplied a fantastic range of information on how to become healthier, along with some excellent resources which we update regularly. To opt in for a healthy, more productive workforce, call our team today on 01483 237050 and we look forward to hearing from you. Please read our previous article : Corporate Fitness Providers

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