How to Open a Corporate Fitness Centre

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Are you wondering how to open a Corporate Fitness Centre, here are the six steps to consider. Find the Correct Space in your Building Decide on the Best Management Model Purchase Equipment Project Manage the Setup Recruitment & Training Ensure Seamless Implementation How To Open a Corporate Fitness Centre Find the Correct Space in your […]

Zero Cost Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness Centre

Almost all companies recognise that staff health and wellbeing is a significant component of their future success or failure, and understand the benefits to their company and their staff, but many worry about the cost of having an onsite fitness centre. This concern about cost is a common stumbling block Energy Fitness run into when […]

5 reasons why you should promote employee fitness

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Five Reasons Why You Should Promote Employee Fitness As a company, you want to promote employee fitness so that your employees are working at their full potential. But what are most companies missing? Companies will spend hours and hours thinking about how they can improve their employees’ performance, but essentially, there are too many things […]

Onsite Company Gyms

Onsite Company Gym Have you been considering the option of installing an onsite company gym in your commercial premises? Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we have supported many businesses across the UK by employees.  implementing fitness solutions into their company and aimed at their Onsite company gyms are not only the solution when you want […]

Implement An Office Exercise Programme

Employee benefits are one of the most important aspects of owning a business and managing your employees. By implementing an office exercise programme, you can efficiently improve the morale of the workplace. You will be investing in your staff, developing your business and increasing employee retention rates. At Energy Fitness Professionals, we have worked with […]

Business Gyms

Business Gyms blue-chip company corporate fitness centre

In today’s competitive job market business gyms are highly desirable and sought after company benefit, which can be offered across a range of industries. Staff benefits are becoming one of the differentiating factors between companies in the search for talent. Moreover, in today’s ever health-conscious society an onsite business gym can set you apart from […]

Find Corporate Fitness For The Workplace

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Do you want to find corporate fitness solutions for the workplace? Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we are known in the UK as the leading corporate fitness provider. We have supported many workplaces over the years to develop a workplace fitness solutions, whether that’s support with the addition of a corporate fitness centre or corporate […]

UK’s Leading Corporate Fitness Provider

Upgrade your corporate fitness centre

Does your company currently lack the innovation to provide worthwhile employee benefits to your employees? If you are currently looking for an employee benefit that will be embraced by most or all of your staff, then the place to look to certainly is with us, the UK’s leading corporate fitness provider, Energy Fitness Professionals. By […]

Does Your Workplace Require a Corporate Exercise Programme?

London Corporate Fitness Gym

Corporate Exercise Programme Does your workplace require a corporate exercise programme? It’s a great way to improve morale, get people talking and improve staff health and performance. If you are interested, we can help you.  Fitness is something that has a massive impact on our lives. Without a good diet or regular exercise, we can […]

Implement A Workplace Exercise Programme Into Your Business

Corporate Fitness

Are you looking to improve the fitness of your staff? Why not implement a Workplace Exercise Programme? When you want to give back to your employees, one of the most effective ways to do so is by implementing a workplace exercise programme into your business for you and your employees. The rise is workplace gyms is […]

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