If you are considering installing a company gym in 2014 for your valued employees but don’t know where to start then you need to speak to the team at Energy Fitness Professionals. They are the leading provider of gyms to companies throughout the UK and offer a full management solution to suit your needs. Energy Fitness Professionals has been setting up and managing company gyms since 1998. They are dedicated to ensuring that your have the perfect gym for your company premises that will encourage your employees to use this facility to improve and maintain their health and fitness, so helping to boost their energy and staff morale. They will work with you to ascertain your requirements and design and install a gym that will meet these needs, your budget and maximise the space available. If required Energy Fitness Professionals can offer an onsite team of fully qualified and experienced fitness instructors who can manage your gym. This can include opening and closing this facility, undertaking induction programmes and fitness assessments, ensuring that your employees are using the fitness machines correctly, providing training plans, personal training and classes as required. Energy Fitness Professionals offer a free, no obligation meeting and company gym management proposals, so get in touch soon to see what they could do for your company today on 01483 237050 or complete the contact form on their website at: https://energy-fitpro.co.uk/contact-us/ Read our latest article: On Site Gym For Your Business

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