Looking to install some sort of corporate exercise programme to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff? Energy Fitness Professionals aim to improve the health and fitness of staff across the UK by installing corporate fitness centres and corporate exercise programmes. Corporate fitness has been in the spotlight for the past few years and is considered a serious case. With obesity on the rise, a lot of people are pinning this rise down to long hours and no support to keep fit and eat healthy. It can be traced back to the 70’s where employers felt the need to offer their employees some sort of fitness to improve their wellbeing and health. Corporate Fitness is known to be fitness activities and equipment that is used to allow employees to keep healthy and fit during work hours. There are many kinds of corporate fitness programmes that can be incorporated into a business or company. These include walking programmes, onsite fitness centres, onsite exercise classes, onsite personal training or group training, fitness challenges and contests, online fitness tools and application, having flexible schedules that allow employees more time to exercise before or after work and installing bike racks. Not only would this improve the morale in any workplace, but it would also increase an employer’s chance of attracting better quality staff and retaining the best staff within the organisation.

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