If you are looking to introduce a corporate exercise programme to your valued employees that will help to increase their health and well-being, facilitate team bonding, and help to secure their loyalty towards your company, then there is no better way than to install a fitness centre or gym onsite at your company premises for the use of your employees. However if you are not a fitness fanatic yourself and really wouldn’t have the first clue about setting up a fitness centre then there is no need to worry. The highly experienced team at Energy Fitness Professionals are your one stop shop for all things fitness related from the design of your gym, to the installation, and even the day to day management. Energy Fitness Professionals are the UKs number one provider of corporate fitness centres and exercise programmes. They offer a total solution from start to finish with highly qualified fitness experts there to advise you on every step of the way to ensure that your gym or fitness centre is the very best that your company can provide. The team at Energy Fitness Professionals work with many different companies and organisations throughout the UK with different requirements and budgets, and no job is too big or too small for them. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and that personal touch which will make you feel totally happy and confident in every decision that you make regarding your company gym. For further information on how Energy Fitness Professionals can assist you with establishing a corporate fitness programme and gym why not give them a call today on 01483 237050 or email: r.radford@energy-fitpro.co.uk. Read our latest article: Energy Fitness Professionals – Corporate Health specialists

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