Corporate Exercise Programme

Does your workplace require a corporate exercise programme? It’s a great way to improve morale, get people talking and improve staff health and performance. If you are interested, we can help you. 

Fitness is something that has a massive impact on our lives. Without a good diet or regular exercise, we can become unhealthy and, more importantly, unhappy. At Energy Fitness Professionals, we aim to offer working people fitness solutions. Working 5 days a week can be extremely tiring, and by the time the day or week is over, the last thing we want to do is exercise. We’d much rather curl up in front of the TV and relax.

One aspect that could significantly impact people’s happiness and health is their employers. With fitness solutions as an employee benefit, employees will have the opportunity to exercise before work, during their lunch, or after work. 

Utilise our services to implement a corporate fitness centre or implement a corporate exercise programme. You could improve the morale of their workplace, but more importantly, improve the general happiness and wellbeing of their staff.

Please find out more about our employee fitness solutions today by looking at our fitness services.

Looking for more reasons to implement a corporate exercise programme? Take a look at some of the benefits below. 

Corporate exercise programme

A healthy workforce means a healthy business.

A healthy workforce is more productive, less sick and absent, more loyal, and generally happier.

Corporate exercise programme have been shown to improve employee performance and productivity by as much as 20%, boost employee retention by up to 30% – 38%, reduce healthcare costs by up to 50% – 70%, increase employee morale and job satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and improve overall organisational culture.

Having a healthy workforce should be part of every organisation’s strategy if they want to succeed in the long-term.

A fit and healthy workforce is less likely to be absent due to illness.

Employee health and wellbeing is crucial to the productivity of your business, and there are a number of reasons why you should invest in it. First, there’s the obvious: if your employees are healthy, fit and happy, they’re less likely to miss work due to illness or injury. This means that when they do have time off due to an illness (like flu), they’re more likely to return sooner rather than later—and it also means that you won’t have to spend as much money on sick pay or healthcare-related expenses for any given employee.

To make this even clearer, consider this: according to one study conducted by Allianz Life Insurance Company America (ALICA), a healthy workforce is worth an estimated $3 trillion annually across the United States alone! This has huge implications for businesses everywhere; The Boston Consulting Group estimates that “improving employee health care compliance by 2% could result in savings at companies with 10 million employees of up to $300 million annually.” In other words: investing in workplace wellbeing will save you money!

Even more importantly though… good health benefits both employees AND employers! People who eat well and exercise regularly tend not only feel better but also perform better at work—not only because they have more energy but also because they’re able to take on difficult tasks without becoming too tired or frustrated along the way (or worse yet—giving up completely).

Wellbeing programmes can provide a recruitment and retention advantage.

corporate exercise programme can provide a recruitment and retention advantage.

When you offer corporate exercise programmes and promote them to prospective employees, it shows that you care about their health and wellbeing. This can make your company more attractive to potential candidates who want an employer that values them beyond the bottom line.

It also helps retain staff, which is one of the biggest costs for any business. Employees who feel valued by their employers will stay longer, leading to lower turnover rates and improved productivity as they stay with their jobs longer or don’t have to go through as much training when someone new joins the team.

Healthy employees are more motivated to work and feel better about their work.

Healthy employees are more motivated to work and feel better about their work. A healthy employee is more productive, contributes more to the company, and is generally happier with his or her job. In fact, according to a study from Harvard Business Review, “healthier employees (i.e., those with better mental health) are 13% more productive than their unhealthy colleagues” (HBR). This means that not only will you be able to spend less money on sick days and insurance as your workforce becomes healthier; you’ll also see a boost in productivity from your entire team!

Corporate exercise programme can help employees bond with each other.

When you go to the gym with a friend, you’re likely to feel more motivated and engaged in your workout. That’s because people who work out together are more likely to push each other’s limits. They’ll also likely share ideas and build camaraderie through the shared experience of exercise. This is why many companies offer group fitness classes as part of their wellness programs—they want employees to bond over something they all do together.

Moreover, going on runs or walks outside with colleagues can help strengthen workplace relationships by allowing people from different departments or teams to interact in a less formal setting than other areas where they may have interacted previously (e.g., at meetings). In this way, wellness initiatives offer opportunities for connection between coworkers who may not normally have had much contact with one another otherwise.

Companies that invest in health and wellbeing show they care about their employees.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

A company that cares about its employees will want to ensure they are happy and healthy, and this is where workplace wellness comes in. Investing in employee health can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and help attract and retain good talent.

A well-thought-out wellbeing programme can have a positive impact on morale in the workplace by demonstrating that your organisation values their employees’ wellbeing, which makes them feel valued as an individual.

Investing in your employee’s health is good for business

Investing in your employees’ health is good for business. The benefits of employee wellbeing include:

  • happier, more engaged employees
  • increased productivity
  • lower turnover costs and higher retention rates

Employee health and well-being are key to creating a productive workforce that boosts company performance.