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The Corporate Fitness case studies on this page are a selection of different contracts that Energy Fitness Professionals currently manage.

They provide real-life examples of our policies in practice, the different styles of management that are available, and how we adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

Whatever the challenge your organisation faces in terms of setting up or operating an onsite Fitness Centre or Office Gym, Energy Fitness Professionals can come up with a solution that will exceed your expectations.

University Fitness Centre

University profits are up by 275% as more students, staff and the public use the centre.

National Project

EFP take control of the largest corporate fitness contract in the UK.

Blue Chip Company

Wellbeing centre and concierge services. From design through to management.

Oil & Gas Supplier

Corporate gym and sports facilities designed and managed by EFP.

Want to read further case studies, we have published our most recent contract wins and refurbishments here.

Each proposal we present is unique to the requirements. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current fitness centre or open a new one. Start the process of improving your staff and company health today and contact us here or read more about our services below.

Looking to upgrade your corporate fitness centre?

Look what we can do for your company


We will audit and improve your current service offering. Making sure it meets the needs of all your staff. 


We will review your current gym design and suggest improvements as well as bring in the latest equipment.


We can combine our online offering to improve your onsite fitness centre and support remote workers.


We can work with you to ensure your company wellbeing policy is achieving its intended goals.

If you are thinking of opening a new Corporate Fitness Centre we will visit your location free of charge to:


Audit current wellbeing practices and any current fitness initiatives


Discuss the space available for a fitness centre, gym or other services and how you can operate the facility to maximise engagement


Create floor plans, example equipment lists and video fly-throughs of your potential facility

Your Step by Step Process for Opening Your New Corporate Fitness Centre

How We Operate

If you engage Energy Fitness Professionals we will see your new corporate fitness centre project through the following steps from start to finish

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  • Your Requirements

    We help you define your needs out a plan in place to meet them

  • Space

    We will work with you to ensure you have the correct space available

  • Design

    We will provide plans for the space, equipment and look of the fitness centre

  • Procurement

    We can procure from all the major equipment providers and offer a trade discount

  • Services

    We provide a range of services, making sure the correct ones for your members are available

  • Management Model

    We offer flexible management and funding models

  • Mobilisation

    We provide a live mobilisation dashboard to show you the project being developed

  • Staffing

    We will recruit, train, and manage expert staff to deliver the service

Have you been inspired by our Corporate Fitness case studies and are looking to improve your workplace wellbeing?

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Corporate Fitness Specialists 

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Onsite Fitness Services

We have over 20 years experience in the corporate fitness sector and combine tried and tested with cutting edge innovation.

We focus on the corporate market. EFP are a dedicated corporate fitness supplier, all our effort is directed at improving the product we offer.

We provide custom solutions. No one size fits all solution works as well as a personalised one. 

Have you been inspired by our Corporate Fitness case studies and are looking to improve your workplace wellbeing?

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