Corporate Fitness FAQ

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What is a corporate gym?

A corporate gym is built and operated to service the employees of a company or a group of companies and is not open to the public. This can be offered to staff by their employers on a paid-for, discounted or free basis. As it is not available to the public, the services offered can be explicitly designed for the company and its employees. 

Corporate Fitness FAQ

What are the benefits of having a gym at work? 

The company can benefit by in the following ways: 

      • Fitter and healthier staff
      • More productive staff
      • Reduce absenteeism
      • A better prospect of recruiting talent staff
      • Reduced healthcare costs 
      • Increased employee retention
      • Happier and more motivated employees


Employees can benefit in the following ways 

      • Increase job satisfaction
      • Reduces stress
      • Increase focus and concentration at work 
      • Improved work/ life balance
      • Better sleep


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How do I open a Corporate Gym?

Find the Correct Space in your Building

To make health and wellbeing a central part of your culture, ensure you must place the fitness centre in a prominent position. Many companies tuck their fitness centre away and are then surprised when membership and usage are lower than expected. You will also need to make sure your location has the space for the fundamentals. This includes power and water supply, reinforced flooring or ground floor location, space for a gym office or desk, changing rooms and showers.

Decide on the Best Management Model

The management model can make or break the success of your fitness centre. This model covers what your company chooses to do, employ a sub-contractor or manage it internally, as well as the structure of the fitness centre management. If you decide to manage internally, then you will need to set up the structure of your management team. Most fitness centres require a Manager and depending on the size of the centre a deputy. Also if you are planning on running a full class timetable. In that case, a studio co-ordinator could also be an essential role.

Purchase Equipment

The equipment you purchase will also contribute to the success of your fitness centre. Important areas that you will need to consider are cardiovascular, strength machines, free weights, a functional or matted area and potentially a class studio.

You will need to consider an adequate space to match your potential membership and ensure the equipment is of a commercial standard. As trends change and equipment improves, you will also need to ensure that your fitness centre keeps up with members expectations.

Project Manage the Setup

So, you have the equipment ordered, and the management model in place next is the setup. As well as ensuring you have the skills to install and put together the equipment, you will need to carry out a health and safety assessment of the fitness centre and risk assessments on the on the equipment.

In parallel with this, you will need to market the centre to your staff. There are many ways to achieve this. Good places to start are any internal messaging system or email blasts, prominent positions in the building, and making it part of your new starter inductions. Special events and open days can then be utilised to raise the profile of the centre once it’s up and running.

Recruitment & Training

The staff you employ will determine the long-term success of your fitness centre. You will need to ensure that you have the correct systems in place to continue their development and education. You will also need the right policies in place to allow them to spend time working with your staff, balanced against their operational responsibilities.

When it comes to recruiting, understanding the required qualifications for different roles is essential, but you should also look out for additional skills such as specialist class teaching, or higher education courses as well as associations with relevant professional bodies.

Ensure Seamless Implementation

When your fitness centre is operational, it’s time to turn your attention to the positive impact it will have on your staff. One consideration is to link the fitness centres activity and promotions with the relevant departments.

The apparent link is occupational health, as there is a natural synergy here which can improve the health of your staff across many domains. Working in partnership with catering can ensure your team receives healthy nutrition. It also means that the advice your fitness staff are delivering can be followed easily while at work. The fitness centre will also work with HR, facilities and even cleaning to ensure the fitness offering is available to all and always to a high standard.

Corporate Fitness FAQ

What should we do if we run a distributed company? 

This is becoming a more familiar position for a lot of people in charge of wellbeing in the workplace. There are many digital services that you can offer. This allows staff to take part in wellbeing initiatives whether they work remotely full-time or part-time. 

Take a look at EFP digital wellbeing offering here

What is workplace wellbeing?

Workplace Wellbeing relates to everything that happens inside the workplace. Including all aspects of working life: health and safety, mental health support, employee motivation, and the health and wellbeing services you provide.

Why is wellbeing important in the workplace?

Healthier, happier staff deliver improved long-term performance and better results for your company. 

How do you introduce wellbeing at work?

You do not have to begin by installing a gym. You can start with small things that your staff can take part in.

    • A daily walking club
    • Organised fitness classes after work or at lunchtime 
    • Healthy meals and snacks 
    • Desk stretching 
    • Relaxation class 
    • Massage

Once these become well used, you can survey your staff and add more services that they are finding valuable. 

How do you promote staff wellbeing?

Firstly, ensure you are offering services they want to utilise and that you are making it clear that you want them to take the time out of their day to take part in the services. Once you have done this, give your wellbeing programme a name that staff can remember and ensure you advertise it through your normal HR channels. Ensure prominent people in your company take part in the activities. This signals the business is taking the programme seriously and expects you to take time out of your workday to take part. 

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