Motivating your workforce not only means focusing on management, but looking at their lifestyle holistically. When your employees spend so much time in the office, getting the most from them means ensuring they are both healthy and happy. But with budgets cut and little time to spare, exactly what can you do? Providing a corporate fitness programme used to be something that only the largest firms could afford to undertake, but with Energy FitPro, a tailored fitness programme for your staff is now easily within reach. Specialising in setting up and managing corporate fitness and wellbeing centres, the company are one of the largest in the UK and have a market-leading reputation. Energy Fit Pro believe that a company’s fitness centre goes right to the heart of the corporate culture and can help foster a more cohesive and dynamic workforce. Of course, finding the right corporate fitness company is largely about how well they can fit into your corporate culture. Energy Fit Pro are one of the few companies that provide a total service solution and can offer fitness packages based on self-funding, a management fee or subsidised options. Call today to see how they can help transform your firm: Tel : 01483 237050 Fax: 01483 237483 or feel free to use the contact form on the website for a prompt reply.

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