As leading Corporate Fitness Providers, our service provides our clients with the opportunity to enhance the workplace. Areas within industrial, commercial or office buildings can be completely transformed to include gym and fitness areas that, as an employer, you can offer to staff as an additional benefit. It has been proven that employees who have to pay for offsite gym memberships, whether subsidised by you or not, are less likely to go. With an onsite office gym, your employees may be more likely to visit the gym if they have individual motivation to maintain their personal levels of fitness. For those businesses who have already added the office gym as a convenient incentive, they have already noticed changes: Fewer staff absences Convenient Gym Facilities Cheap, or Free membership Lower Company Health Premiums Our team of office Corporate Fitness Providers are waiting to assist you in gym conversions – beneficial not just to your employees, but to your business! Visit our website now to find out how our Corporate Fitness Providers can benefit your company.

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