With the UK more sedentary than ever, it’s never been more important to provide corporate fitness facilities to your employees and selecting the correct corporate fitness provider is now more important than ever. Improving the health of your staff can provide an edge in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Investing in the health and fitness of your staff can be hugely beneficial. Staff who exercise regularly have higher levels of concentration, are more motivated and will feel generally happier. Again and again, studies have shown that exercise is hugely beneficial not only for a person’s physical health but for their state of mind. Exercise classes are also extremely enjoyable and can help your employees bond with one another. You may find staff consider a corporate fitness centre a brilliant place to socialise.

If you’re thinking of installing a gym at your workplace, Energy Fitness Professionals are one of the leading corporate fitness providers. We have been designing and managing corporate fitness centres and workplace gyms since 1998. With almost 20 years experience we combine the tried and tested with cutting-edge innovation. We have the same passion we’ve always had for improving employees’ fitness levels.

So if you are looking for a corporate fitness provider, look no further. We can help you with the set up of your on-site fitness centre, we have helped everyone from Universities to Blue-chip companies with their corporate fitness facilities. Whether its a small specialist set up or large multisite contract we can manage it.

Why not take a look at some of the previous projects we have set up here or the services we offer.