Are you looking for a corporate fitness provider in the UK? Here at Energy Fitness Professionals we are a corporate fitness benefactor to many companies across the UK. We specialise in corporate fitness, offering a variety of fitness solutions to suit you, your business benefits and most importantly, your staff’s wellbeing. Whether you require an onsite gym or a quality fitness programme, we’d be more than happy to help. Our mission is to improve employee health and wellbeing across the nation, by providing pro-active health and leisure services. We always try to improve everyone’s fitness and happiness in a professional setting through the power of fitness – which succeeds every single time. We constantly deliver a professional, dynamic and customer focussed service, with a team of qualified and experienced corporate health enthusiasts. We want to help a range companies across the UK by providing health options with the installation of a workplace gym and corporate fitness centre, and our finely tuned workplace fitness programmes. We’ve been involved in corporate fitness since 1998, and we have seen many companies transformed just because of our passion for providing quality fitness advice. We are one of the longest standing workplace fitness providers, priding ourselves on always delivering a personal touch.

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