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What we do

Corporate Fitness Services


We will audit and improve your current service offering. Making sure it meets the needs of all your staff. 


We will review your current gym design and suggest improvements as well as bring in the latest equipment.


We can combine our online offering to improve your onsite fitness centre and support remote workers.


We can work with you to ensure your company wellbeing policy is achieving its intended goals.

Our Portfolio

What we can bring to your company

If you are thinking of opening a new Corporate Fitness Centre we will visit your location free of charge to:


Audit current wellbeing practices and any current fitness initiatives


Discuss the space available for a fitness centre, gym or other services and how you can operate the facility to maximise engagement


Create floor plans, example equipment lists and video fly-throughs of your potential facility

Your Step by Step Process for Opening Your New Corporate Fitness Centre

How We Operate

If you engage Energy Fitness Professionals we will see your new corporate fitness centre project through the following steps from start to finish

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  • Your Requirements

    We help you define your needs out a plan in place to meet them

  • Space

    We will work with you to ensure you have the correct space available

  • Design

    We will provide plans for the space, equipment and look of the fitness centre

  • Design

    We will provide plans for the space, equipment and look of the fitness centre

  • Procurement

    We can procure from all the major equipment providers and offer a trade discount

  • Services

    We provide a range of services, making sure the correct ones for your members are available

  • Management Model

    We offer flexible management and funding models

  • Mobilisation

    We provide a live mobilisation dashboard to show you the project being developed

  • Staffing

    We will recruit, train, and manage expert staff to deliver the service

Digital Fitness

Give your employees a gym in their pocket 
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Give your employees a gym in their pocket 
Digital Fitness EFP
Digital Fitness
Digital Fitness stretch

Provide your staff with the health and wellbeing tools they need, all in one place. 

The Services

What We offer

Live Classes | Daily Mobility Sessions | One to One Sessions | Exercise Library | Programme Library | Activity Competitions | On-demand Video
One to one sessions | Recipe Library | Cook-alongs | Health Events | Online Food Diary | Meal Plans
Meditation | Habit Building | Community Groups | Health Events

Why focus on wellbeing

Digital Fitness - The Benefits

Wellbeing is now front and centre in the minds of all. 

A well thought out workplace wellbeing programme is high on the to do list for all workplaces and companies. 

Fitter & Healthier Staff

Fitter staff will miss less work and be more productive during work hours

Recruit Better

You will be more attractive to potential recruits if you offer wellbeing as part of your benefits package

Create a Workplace Community

Help your distributed team feel part of something bigger

Putting it all together

Branding & Delivery


iOS and Android app avaiable

Web portal

Dedicated web portal for your company

app green

custom branding

Use your company brand or we will create a new wellbeing brand for you

we take care of it all

No need to have an IT specialist or wellbeing representative, we will take care of every step for you

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