Increased fitness not only leads to better health, but more effective performance in the office and raises those all-important serotonin levels which keep your employees happy. If you’re interested in setting up a corporate gymnasium, Energy Fitness Professionals have all the experience you need from building to running a gym, so that you can give something back to your employees. Energy Fitness Professionals will be happy to come to your site and assess your needs, advise on space and equipment, all with no obligation, so you won’t feel pressured to singing up for a gymnasium on the day! Instead, Energy Fitness Professionals will come up with a management proposal which will outline all of the service and cost, so that you are fully aware of the nature of the project, before giving the go-ahead. Energy Fitness Professionals work hard to give the best in customer value, service and support, tailoring their designs to suit your business, be it large or small. They also manage gyms and work with your staff to create individual fitness plans to boost their health in the best way for them. To find out more, call Energy Fitness Professionals today on 01483 237050 or email: Read our latest article: Onsite office gyms

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