Create your Office Gym

If you are looking to create a new office gym or workplace fitness centre, take a look a the steps below. 

This is a brief outline of the process you can follow. If you want support to set up your facility – reach out

Select the space

Whether you are creating a new building or modifying your space. You will need to consider your total area, flooring, noise levels, space for changing rooms an d more. 

Step One

Create a vision

What do you want the gym to look and feel like? What do your staff want? These are questions you need to answer before moving onto equipment. 

Step Two

Test the market

Speak to your staff. You can run a survey or hold an open meeting. Feedback in what they want is vital.

Step Three

Create a mobilisation plan

Create a plan from today to the opening. What needs to be done, and what suppliers need to be engaged? 

Step Four

Equipment Selection

Select your equipment, ensuring you have a balance of the type of equipment to meet your staff's needs. You will also need to consider options for owing as opposed to leasing the equipment. 

Step Five

Manage install

To manage the installation you need to ensure you have the suppliers working together and in the right order. 

Step Six

Set up services

Once your equipment is in place, you must ensure the health, safety, and risk assessments are covered—also, inductions to allow your staff to use the gym.

Step Seven

Ongoing management

New staff members may need to be inducted. Equipment will need to be maintained and serviced. Over time, you will need to update the equipment. 

Step Eight

If you decide to engage Energy Fitness Professionals we can support you through each step.


Create your office gym

Why Create Your Office Gym​?

As a business, it’s important to remember that your most important assets are your employees. Your staff are the key to ensuring your business succeeds in a competitive marketplace.

Therefore, it’s essential that you take steps to ensure that they bring the very best of themselves to their jobs daily. If you want to improve your employees’ productivity levels, it’s a good idea to encourage them to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice. Regular exercise can ensure that they are healthier, happier and more motivated to achieve their goals at work. 

Additionally, with employers encouraging their staff to visit the office more frequently, an onsite gym can be a great pull to support this. 

If you’re looking for a company to design, install, staff, and even run a corporate fitness centre for your business, look no further than Energy Fitness Professionals. We have 24 years of experience in the industry and have installed and managed fitness centres for some of the largest UK companies and Government departments. We partner with some of the industry’s most innovative fitness equipment manufacturers and can provide equipment, room design, servicing and software from various companies.

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