Energy Fitness Professionals (EFP) have partnered up with Counterweight to launch a new product in 2012 within the corporate fitness market. Counterweight is the only fully evaluated, evidence based primary care weight management programme within the UK. It is a low-cost nurse-led weight loss programme which equips general practitioners and practice nurses to be able to produce evidence-based approaches to weight loss management. Following the amazing results in the primary care environment, EFP hope to help expand on the success by taking it into the corporate fitness market. Rob Radford Director of Energy Fitness Professionals, says, ‘We are hoping to provide this throughout all the organisations that we work within in a non-hospital type setting. We will have the staff specially trained and they will be supported by practioners from Counterweight. It is a great opportunity to combine structured fitness programmes with a programme that has proven long term impact on weight loss.’ EFP will run weight management sessions every couple of weeks throughout the year, they will work to keep the customer fully engaged remaining dedicated to providing an excellent service to the participants and delivering excellent weight loss results. Further Info The Counterweight Project was launched in 2000 as the result of a national group of consultant physicians recognising the need to tackle obesity management in primary care.

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