Energy Fitness Professionals have invested in the online training provided by ‘PT on the Net’ in order to keep their staff up to speed with the latest developments within the Health & Fitness Industry. Personal Trainer on the Net contains the biggest exercise library of audio, literature and webcasts in the world. With well known authors such as Paul Chek, Carlos Santana, Annette Lang, Mike Boyle and Gary Grey, the articles provide expert advice on a huge range of health and fitness topics. The online training curriculum enables EFP to track how their staff are progressing, and for the instructors, it provides points towards their REPS accreditation, which ensures that fitness professionals continue to educate themselves within their chosen field. Martin Booth, UK Operations Manager for Energy Fitness Professionals, says, “It is vital for the growth of the industry that fitness professionals are educating themselves on the latest developments within Health and Fitness. We want our members to know that when they consult our staff, they are receiving the best advice that is available to them and that they are getting the most out of their gym experience.”

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