Health & Fitness Industry donates £3million – to get the nation MoreActive4Life Results of research released today, reveal that almost one third of the nation is inactive with over 80% doing less than the Government’s recommended 5 x 30 minutes per week*. The research, conducted by You Gov on behalf of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA) has prompted dramatic action from the fitness industry to help get the nation more active. Energy Fitness Professionals has joined in a nationwide campaign to provide free access to trained exercise professionals and local club / leisure centres as part of the Fitness Industry’s contribution to the Government’s Change4Life campaign. The initiative, entitled MoreActive4Life, launched on 27th June 2009. Developed by the FIA. MoreActive4Life aims to make it easier for those who don’t normally exercise to get active. 50% of those surveyed said that they would like to do more activity but identified clear barriers holding them back: 1 in 3 (29%) said they were too busy/ didn’t have enough time Another third (29%) said they couldn’t afford it 13% said they just didn’t have the motivation MoreActive4Life will dismantle these barriers by giving the nation’s largely inactive population a free introduction into how exercise can be fun and can be easily integrated into everyday life. It will also encourage communities to get active together through: · Local walking groups · A six week in-gym programme · Free day gym passes MoreActive4Life will be implement by FIA’s members which include both health clubs and and leisure centers, right across the country. Andree Deane, CEO, FIA comments: “Given the fact that almost 90% of the nation live within two miles of a gym and that exercise is good for you, makes you feel good and makes you look good, we realise that we have a serious role to play in helping the Government tackle the fact that almost 80% of the adults aren’t regularly active. MoreActive4Life is a great start. Our aim is to get at least 80,000 people more active, more often during the 12 week programme and prove that its easy to take control of you life – even if you need a little help from experts..” Rob Radford of Energy Fitness Professionals comments: “The six week campaign is designed around the fact that it takes approximately six weeks to form a habit. Our goal is to make everyone who responded to the MoreActive4Life challenge and walks through our doors feel motivated and supported by our highly skilled fitness professionals here at Energy Fitness Professionals, all of whom will be on hand for free during the six week programme. We want them to keep being active and make it part of their life at the end of the six week taster. When they start to feel and see the benefits of being more active they won’t need any added incentive.” Those wishing to take part in MoreActive4Life should visit where they will be able to download a free gym pass, find their nearest participating gym or nearest walking group. A member of their local health club or leisure centre will contact them to arrange an induction session to get them started on their chosen course. For those without internet access, each participating gym signposted by MoreActive4Life banners, will be welcoming anyone who wants to know more about the initiative and/or register on it. * Survey commissioned by the FIA questioned base of 2,072 people

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