Healing Nerve Injuries With Sports And Exercise – Lucy Wyndham


We would like to thank Lucy Wyndham for supplying our blog post today. If nerve pain is holding you back in the gym or workplace, this may help. Healing Nerve Injuries With Sports And Exercise There were a total of 609,000 self-reported injuries to workers in Great Britain in 2016 and 2017 combined. While this […]

Muscle Building Tips

Energy Fitness Professionals

If you spend too much of your day behind a desk but still want to build muscle, then integrate these 11 tips into your training programme to make your training as time as efficient as possible. Ten plus sets per muscle group per week has been shown to elicit great muscle growth than less than […]

What Corporate Fitness can learn from CrossFit

CrossFit Class

CrossFit is the amalgamation of exercises classes, a brand name and fitness competition that has been growing over the last decade. In CrossFit’s own words “CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing […]

Four Fitness Scams to Avoid – Lucy Wyndham


We are thrilled to have a guest post from Lucy Wyndham. Lucy is a professional freelance writer working in the fitness industry. Four Fitness Scams to Avoid The internet is practically swarming with a variety of ‘experts’ claiming they know the secret to helping you lose weight for good. In the UK, obesity rates have tripled in […]

How to Open a Corporate Fitness Centre

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Are you wondering how to open a Corporate Fitness Centre, here are the six steps to consider. Find the Correct Space in your Building Decide on the Best Management Model Purchase Equipment Project Manage the Setup Recruitment & Training Ensure Seamless Implementation How To Open a Corporate Fitness Centre Find the Correct Space in your […]

Modern Corporate Fitness Centre

Modern Corporate Fitness Centre

The modern corporate fitness centre forms a key part of the benefits offering of many companies.The corporate fitness centre can be seen as part of a trend in the workplace that goes back some 100 years or more. Since the introduction of standard 40-hour work week companies have been investing more and more into the […]

Test Your Mobility


Mobility is a general term to describe how freely you can move. It includes muscle and joint flexibility as well as your strength and control of specific movements. If you spend the majority of your day sitting then try these tests to see how mobile you are and how much sitting has affected your mobility. Overhead […]

Zero Cost Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness Centre

Almost all companies recognise that staff health and wellbeing is a significant component of their future success or failure, and understand the benefits to their company and their staff, but many worry about the cost of having an onsite fitness centre. This concern about cost is a common stumbling block Energy Fitness run into when […]

Interval Training – 5 reasons why it is perfect for businesses

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One thing that all business people have in common is the need to see results. At Energy Fitness Professionals, we don’t hang around in business or in fitness, and one of our favourite gym solutions is interval training. Could it be your solution too? Interval training is hard and there’s no getting around it, but […]

Optimise your fitness by optimising your nutrition

business nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation for health and well-being, if you can optimise your nutrition everything else becomes easier. Getting nutrition right is just as important as training, but most people find it very hard to portion their meals and have very little time to prepare it all. For people working a full-time job, being able […]