Getting a Corporate Gym is easier than you think Energy Fit Pro is the number one name when it comes to corporate health clubs. As the number of days off sick grows throughout British industry many employers are turning to fitness as a way of not only encouraging new employees to join their company, but boosting existing staff morale can be fairly difficult. Why no try getting a corporate gym to motivate your employees, new and old?Getting a corporate gym is easier than you think and with the many pros outweighing the cons there is a good reason to go ahead. A link between onsite fitness facilities and higher productivity has been proven and the team at Energy Fitness Professionals will help you to organise, set up and manage your business gyms programme with the minimum of stress. Firstly they offer a no obligation meeting at your business premises. This is to check out the suitability of the location. Together you can then decide on which management programme to go forward with and with their numerous contacts throughout the fitness industry sourcing the best gym equipment will never be an issue. To find out more, simply visit their website to view their online brochure or call them on 01483 237050 for further details.

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