Are you looking to convert unused office space? Would you like to extend your property to add facilities that will help your workforce with lifestyle issues such as including a gym or relaxation area?If this is the case then you may be delighted to find out that Energy FitPro is one of the leading gym designers and they specialise in creating fitness areas for businesses.Their corporate gym designs have been created in order to help businesses develop a closer relationship with employees who may otherwise not have the time after work to travel to an outside leisure centre, or who may not feel they have the incentive to join a local gym. The expert team has installed many gyms at business premises and will work with you to develop fitness areas that are fully managed, appealing to your workforce, and that offer training and advice to your employees.As corporate health specialists, they will work with you to build and install gyms that work for you and your company, without compromise on the quality of equipment. They’ll offer wellbeing, fitness and nutritional advice to your workforce – giving you the confidence that you have healthy employees who will work productively on your behalf.Talk to the team today on 01483 237050 to discover more about corporate fitness and wellbeing.

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