Gym Management Consultancy

We are the UK’s leading Gym Management Consultancy providers.

We have been providing advice to businesses on all aspects of wellbeing for over 20 years. Read more about how we can set up a gym in your business, or visit our services page to dive into everything we can offer.

Have you been planning for the installation of a business gym? Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we are widely known for our ability to set up and manage corporate fitness centres and workplace gyms across the UK.

We aim to improve the employee benefits in businesses, with your and your employee’s fitness and well-being in mind. When you want to install a workplace gym, you can always rely on our expertise and experience in installing and managing business gyms.

By improving employee health and wellbeing through pro-active health and leisure services, we can help battle obesity and poor morale in the workplace. We’ve been achieving this objective for many businesses since 1998, and we are not finished yet. We’re known as the UK’s leading workplace fitness provider and consistently deliver solutions to best suit you.

Whatever the reason for your decision to explore your employee benefits, you can always guarantee that a corporate fitness centre in your gym will be well received by your staff – increasing morale and providing better staff retention.

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Gym Management Consultancy