For quality and professionalism in designing a workplace gymnasium, get in touch with Energy Fitness Professionals, who provide health clubs and fitness centres for companies who wish to have a corporate gym, with instructors on hand to keep it running smoothly and in top condition. Energy Fitness Professionals has a proven track record of helping to design workplace gymnasiums to standards of excellence, for example, when a large blue chip company was building a new multi-million pound office and research facility on the Surrey / Hampshire border, they wanted a benefit to the current employees, attract new staff incorporate a fitness centre. They contacted Energy Fitness Professionals, who held a number of meetings with the facilities management team to discuss the space, equipment, locations and demands that the organisation had for the facility, in order to offer the fitness centre as a free service to all employees. As an alternative, Energy Fitness Professionals suggested a well-being centre that would include all the benefits of fitness centre, studio area for classes, as well as a wide range of therapists and a concierge service for the staff. Once agreed, Energy Fitness Professionals built the facility, ready to open as soon as the building was fully occupied, and initiated pre induction assessments such as blood pressure and health checks, so that as soon as the gym opened, over 400 members were ready to start training. If this if the kind of service that you would like in adding a corporate gym then speak to Energy Fitness Professionals today by contacting them at their Surrey office on 01483 237050 or email Read our latest article: Corporate Gym Management Specialists

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