Company gyms don’t take care of themselves. From the every day tasks like cleaning the changing rooms to providing gym inductions and offering a full personal training service, Energy Fitness Professionals will make sure that your gym is running smoothly and effectively so that your staff can enjoy it as a perk of their job. Energy Fitness Professionals not only design and install corporate gyms, they also offer full management service with a flexible approach to fit in with your needs. On your site, they can open your gym in the morning and lock it at night, make sure that that all staff are using the machines in safety so that they won’t injure themselves, and take care of the maintenance so that showers, machines and other facilities are in full working order at all times. Energy Fitness Professionals also advise on healthy eating and the benefits of a regular fitness routine, which they will help each individual to realistically build into their working day. Energy Fitness Professionals offer a free, no obligation meeting and corporate gym management proposals, so get in touch soon to see what they could do for your and your colleagues. To find out more, call Energy Fitness Professionals today on 01483 237050 or email Read our latest article: Corporate Gymnasiums

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