If you need help with a corporate gym, whether it’s a brand new or existing facility, then you need look no further than Energy Fitness Professionals. They are one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate fitness solutions, and can help with any aspect of establishing or managing a corporate gym, fitness centre or other office exercise facility. For example, if you’re planning to set up a new office gym, they can advise you on what equipment to buy, and then help you to source it, getting you the best possible prices. Once sourced, they can set up the gym for you, and finally, they can run it on your behalf. Their trained and experienced staff can provide all the help that your employees need to get the most out of the facility, from fitness assessments, and preparation of individual exercise regimes, through to the provision of group exercise classes. Even if you’ve managed to set up your corporate gym by yourself, it would pay you to consult Energy Fitness Professionals about its ongoing management. For more information or to arrange a free no-obligation quotation for help with a workplace gym, download the free brochure on corporate fitness solutions from the website https://energy-fitpro.co.uk/what-we-do/, talk to the experts on corporate fitness solutions on 01483 237050 or email r.radford@energy-fitpro.co.uk . Read our latest article: Corporate Fitness Solutions

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