It is widely recognised that by investing in the health and well-being of your employees that you will not only promote a better attendance rate due to better health and increase productivity through motivation and goodwill, but you will also keep your employees on your business premises for longer as they won’t be losing valuable minutes arriving late to work, or late back from lunch after having been to the local gym to work out. If you are looking to create a company fitness programme through the installation of an onsite gym then contact the expert team at Energy Fitness Professionals who are the UKs leading fitness management company and provide a one shop solution to all your requirements, from design to installation, to staffing for running your corporate gym and employee fitness programmes. Energy Fitness Professionals has an enviable reputation for their dedication to customer service and bespoke solutions for businesses of all sizes who wish to install and operate a company fitness centre or gym. They have worked with well-known brand names such as the Royal Mail, Brunel University and the Royal Courts of Justice, amongst others creating state of the art corporate gyms and tailored fitness programmes for valued employees. If you are considering implementing a company fitness programme and installing a gym or fitness centre then do not hesitate to contact the experts today at Energy Fitness Professionals on 01483 237050. .

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