Are you wondering how to open a Corporate Fitness Centre, here are the six steps to consider.

  1. Find the Correct Space in your Building
  2. Decide on the Best Management Model
  3. Purchase Equipment
  4. Project Manage the Setup
  5. Recruitment & Training
  6. Ensure Seamless Implementation

How To Open a Corporate Fitness Centre

Find the Correct Space in your Building

To make health and wellbeing a central part of your culture ensure you must place the fitness centre in a prominent position. Many companies tuck their fitness centre away and are then surprised when the membership and usage are lower than expected. You will also need to make sure your location has the space for the fundamentals, power and water supply, reinforced flooring or ground floor location, space for a gym office, changing rooms and showers.

Decide on the Best Management Model

The management model can make or break the success of your fitness centre. This model covers what your company chooses to do, employ a sub-contractor or manage it internally, as well as the structure of the fitness centre management. If you decide to manage internally, then you will need to set up the structure of your management team. Most fitness centres require a Manager and depending on the size of the centre a deputy. If you are planning on running a full class timetable, then a studio co-ordinator could also be an essential role.

Purchase Equipment

The equipment you purchase will also contribute to the success of your fitness centre. Essential areas that you will need to consider are cardiovascular, strength machines, free weights, a functional or matted area and potentially a class studio.

You will need to consider an adequate space to match your potential membership and ensure the equipment is of a commercial standard. As trends change and equipment improves, you will also need to ensure that your fitness centre keeps up with members expectations.

Project Manage the Setup

So, you have the equipment ordered, and the management model in place next is the setup. As well as ensuring you have the skills to install and put together the equipment, you will also need to carry out a health and safety assessment of the fitness centre and risk assessments on the individual pieces of equipment.

In parallel with this, you will need to market the centre to your staff. There are many ways to achieve this, good places to start are any internal messaging system or email blast, prominent positions in the building, and making it part of your new starter inductions. Special events and open days can then be utilised to raise the profile of the centre once it’s up and running.

Recruitment & Training

The staff you employ will determine the long-term success of your fitness centre. Ensuring that you have the correct systems in place to continue their development and education as well as the right policies in place to allow them to spend time working with your staff, balanced against their operational responsibilities.

When it comes to recruiting, understanding the required qualifications for different roles is essential, but you should also look out for further skills such as specialist class teaching, or higher education courses as well as associations with relevant professional bodies.

Ensure Seamless Implementation

When your fitness centre is operational, it’s time to turn your attention to the positive impact it will have on your staff. One consideration is to link the fitness centres activity and promotions with the relevant departments.

The apparent link is occupational health, as there is a natural synergy here which can improve the health of your staff across many domains. Working in partnership with catering can ensure your team receives healthy nutrition. It also means that the advice your fitness staff are delivering can be followed easily while at work. The fitness centre will also work with HR, facilities and even cleaning to ensure the fitness offering is available to all and always to a high standard.

Still wondering how to open a corporate fitness centre and need more help and support? Contact EFP and we will complete each step of the process for you or download our info-graphic here “How to Open a Corporate Fitness Centre”

How to Open a Corporate Fitness Centre