Improving Staff Morale with a Workplace Gym Staff morale in this current climate is difficult to boost. With the same amount of working time but, in most cases, more work to complete the working day can be very draining. Whilst your staff find it very difficult to get motivated after work, the gym, sports events or fitness groups can go unseen by the people that work for you because they are either physically, or mentally, drained from their working day. Improving staff morale with a workplace gym really can be the answer. With just half an hour of excercise around four times per week, it can be easy to fit in around work – whilst you are in the same building as the workplace gym – and it is much more a convenient option when compared to an offsite gym. The expert team at Energy Fitness Professionals have years of experience and can help you to make the best use of any extra space available at your corporate or industrial property. They will help design and plan a new fitness gym, and will fully manage it. What this means for your staff is a healthier lifestyle, and for you more motivation with a more alert and work friendly team. Call them today if you would like more information on 01483 237 050.

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