One thing that all business people have in common is the need to see results. At Energy Fitness Professionals, we don’t hang around in business or in fitness, and one of our favourite gym solutions is interval training. Could it be your solution too?

Interval training is hard and there’s no getting around it, but that is why it’s the perfect exercise regime to get into if you are a hardworking business professional, who loves hard work. Doing interval training pushes your body to new limits every time, and your body is smart enough to adapt to the intense workout that you are doing. Taking your body to its maximum effort every time will force it to adapt consistently. This allows you to exert more in each workout, helping your body to get fitter and be in better shape. 

Here are the key benefits of interval training for business people:

1. Optimise your time:

Most of us do not have time to have a good workout, especially when you are working. If you are someone who works out during your lunch break, you will understand how hard it is to get a thorough session in. By the time you have changed, warmed up, and started your workout, you are soon running short on time. Interval training is fast and intense, allowing you to do quick workouts with optimal results. This is especially good for business people who want to get their workout done but in a timely and efficient manner.

2. Burn calories even when you are finished working out:

If you are aiming to burn off that mid morning latte, then you have yet another reason to choose interval training. After interval training, your body will continue to burn calories even when resting. It is called the ‘after -burn’ affect and the more intense the workout, the more oxygen your body will consume afterwards, meaning it will burn even more calories making it a great way to lose weight whilst training less often.

3. Improve you cardio:

If you feel as if your cardio is not up to scratch, interval training is a great way of increasing your endurance. It works by constantly providing a new form of exercise for your body to deal with, by surprising your body with new movements, to make sure that your body does not adapt to what you are doing. Increasing your cardio is not just great for being able to endure longer workouts, it also means you are fitter in day-to-day life. Whether this be at work or playing with your children, be fitter will allow you to do things for longer. 

4. Interval training is simple:

Interval training does not require any special skills or equipment. An intense workout can be created anytime, in any place. This makes it ideal for a busy lifestyle. Even if you can only squeeze one session in at your work gym, you can always do some interval training at your local park or even in the living room. 

5. A healthier heart and head:

Although interval training increases your heart rate, it actually reduces strain on your heart. Over time interval training can increase the amount of blood pumped per beat, making your heart stronger and more efficient. High intensity training also helps reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Overall, interval training is extremely de-stressing, which is good for your heart and mental health. So if you are working on your heart or head health, then interval cardio will help you to reduce the stress you’re feeling.

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