2017 is well underway now, which leads us onto the question – how are your team doing with their health and fitness kick as part of their New Year’s Resolution? Has it staggered a little? Taken a turn for the donuts? Not to worry, you can help them as their employer.

Here at Energy Fitness Professionals, we are known as the leading Corporate Fitness Providers in the UK. We travel the nation and complete various corporate gyms and programmes for an array of companies in varying industries. Employee benefits play a major factor in the morale of a workplace. If you offer quality employee benefits, you will have better staff retention and a much happier team. This is why we always believe in employee benefits that offer something productive for each staff member.

You can be confident that not only will your staff benefit from an onsite gym, but the gym itself will be in regular use by your staff. We are a committed team here at Energy Fitness, and always strive to improve the health and fitness of employees across the UK. We are not restricted in our work, so if you want to introduce an effective workplace gym or fitness programme, we can do so.

Get started today by speaking to a member of the team on 01276 64182.

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