If you wish to promote a culture of physical and mental well-being amongst your valued employees then there is no better way than by installing an onsite gym in your business premises. Not only will your gym help your employees to feel and be healthier, but it will foster a ,team spirit and loyalty to your company, plus will keep your employees on site for longer avoiding the need for pre-work or lunch time visits to an offsite fitness centre which can delay them in returning to work. If the prospect of designing and installing an onsite office gym is daunting then do not hesitate to contact the UKs leading experts in this field, Energy Fitness Professionals who have created such facilities for many companies large and small countrywide. Their experienced fitness representatives offer a free no obligation quotation and meeting to discuss your budget and make a full assessment of your requirements that will enable them to create the very best state of the art onsite office gym for your company. In addition to the design and installation of onsite office gyms, the team at Energy Fitness Professionals also offer a total management solution which includes fully qualified and highly experienced fitness professionals to run your gym who will also perform inductions and design bespoke fitness programmes for your valued employees. To discuss your onsite office gym requirements, call the expert team at Energy Fitness Professionals now on 01483 237050 or visit the website to discover more about the benefits of installing an office gym. Read our latest article; Introducing a Business Fitness Centre

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