Do your staff have time to exercise? If you want them to be working at their best, it could really pay you to make sure that they do. After all, it’s a well-known fact that people who exercise regularly take less time off work, particularly with stress-related illnesses. And one way to help make time for exercise is to ensure that there is an onsite gym at your premises. It’s much easier to use facilities onsite, because it’s harder to make excuses. In addition, classes can be more easily publicised to everyone via posters in the lifts, canteen and around the building, so it’s easier to build up a vibe about exercise classes.But if you doubt your ability to set up and run an office gym, have no fear. Energy Fitness Professionals, one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate fitness solutions, is standing ready to help. They can advise you on what to include, then set up and run an office gym, including providing fitness support and classes for staff. For more information or to arrange a free no-obligation management quotation from them, download the free brochure on corporate fitness solutions from the website, call 01483 237050.

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