For those businesses that wish to install a gym into their premises to offer their valued employees a chance to improve their health and fitness as a perk of the job, and also to improve motivation and loyalty to their business, Energy Fitness Professionals, the UKs market leading supplier of corporate fitness centres and gyms, offer a total solution from design to installation to daily management of a business fitness centre. Energy Fitness Professionals can assist with the planning and design of a state of the art fitness centre for your business to meet your requirements and budget. The team at Energy Fitness Professionals have a vast experience in creating corporate fitness centres and now exactly how to make the best use of the available space allocated in your commercial premises to a fitness centre making that space attractive yet functional. They install only the very best quality fitness equipment and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service at all times. In addition as part of your package Energy Fitness Professionals can provide experienced and highly qualified experts to manage your fitness centre, undertake inductions and provide bespoke personal training plans for your employees and even fitness classes if required. So if you are looking to create a managed fitness centre for your business fitness needs, contact the professional, friendly team today at Energy Fitness Professionals on 01483 237050 or email: for a prompt response.

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