The modern corporate fitness centre forms a key part of the benefits offering of many companies.The corporate fitness centre can be seen as part of a trend in the workplace that goes back some 100 years or more. Since the introduction of standard 40-hour work week companies have been investing more and more into the wellbeing of their staff. The onsite gym or fitness is part of the joined-up modern approach to staff wellbeing. With the trends of increased sedentary behaviour, the shifting importance of preventative action and the increased exposure of corporate social responsibility, the fitness centre has started to take a more prominent role. Companies have also come to realise the benefits they receive from the investment in their staff, namely more productive workers who are absent less.

Modern Corporate Fitness Centre

The modern view of the fitness centre places it front and centre as part of the benefits a company can offer. It has become to be viewed as more than some equipment in a room, install the treadmill and tick the box is no longer enough for the company to say they are doing all they can. As well as offering services alongside the equipment – personalised programmes, health checks, fitness classes – the preventative benefits of exercise need to be made available to all.

Fitness centres are also beginning to reach out to those missed by the old and tired advertising. Everyone knows that exercise can help with weight loss, the fitness centre in January is evidence of this. Recent trends suggest the companies are becoming aware that there are many people missed by this advertising who may respond to more health-related adverts. Alongside this, there is an understanding that behaviour modification is required for staff to receive the full health benefits. This change in approach has led companies to offer services like smoking cessation and nutritional advice and ensure that their workplace is conducive to the health of their staff. Whether its time out of the workday to exercise, restaurants offering healthy meals and snacks or standing desks, every touch point in the workplace is considered in its relation to staff health and wellbeing.

Even in the age of increased remote working the onsite corporate fitness centre is becoming more and more prominent as its full benefits and potential are becoming utilised. Correctly framed it should be seen as a benefit that can improve the health of all staff and benefit the company at the same time.

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