If you spend too much of your day behind a desk but still want to build muscle, then integrate these 11 tips into your training programme to make your training as time as efficient as possible.

  1. Ten plus sets per muscle group per week has been shown to elicit great muscle growth than less than ten sets per week.
  2. Plan your training, so you vary the total amount of volume you lift (volume is weight x sets x repetitions).
  3. Focus on the bigger muscles first in sessions moving to smaller muscles as you get tired.
  4. You can increase muscle size with a variety of loads, up to a 30-repetition maximum weight.
  5. You must look to increase the volume over time as your training progresses, this can come from more sets, repetitions or weight.
  6. Getting stronger can help you lift more weight and therefore more volume, so spend some time lifting heavy weight for low repetitions.
  7. Training to failure can be beneficial but is not always necessary.
  8. How sore you are following your session is not a good indicator that your workout is working, instead, look for increases in volume lifted over time.
  9. If you’re short on time, you should focus on multi-joint movements and pair exercises in opposing pairs to cut your rest periods in half (push and pull or upper body and lower body).
  10. Advanced methods like rest-pause or drop sets are good ways to vary your training as you get more experienced and look for new ways to progress.
  11. Technique matters, to ensure you don’t get injured and are recruiting the muscles you aim to be working

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