Summer is here and whilst the weather has so far been pretty dreadful many people are still focussed upon getting fit and toning up ready for their summer beach holiday be it in Turkey, the Caribbean or on the south coast of England. Of course following the beach diet there will be the preparations for the Christmas party season – there is always a reason for your staff to be visiting the gym and concentrating upon getting fit and healthy. In these hectic times when people are trying to balance work, home and a social life visits to the gym are most popular either during lunch break or before or after work. As your employees are fitting in the gym around their working times this could lead to interrupted productivity with a few minutes being skipped here and there which can soon add up. By talking to the experts at Energy Fit Pro you could save those valuable minutes and increase your employee health and well-being and of course productivity, by installing a gym at your office premises. Energy Fit Pro is the UK’s market leading specialist at providing office gyms and fitness programmes, and are experts in providing a complete programme to design, set up and manage a gym for your office. Not only will an office gym be of benefit to your existing workforce but will act as an attractive incentive to the recruitment of new staff as part of your benefits package. If you are considering a corporate gym for your firm get in touch with the friendly team at Energy Fit Pro to find out how they can help by calling 01483 237050. Read our latest article: Corporate Fitness Programmes

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