It is widely acknowledged that when a person feels fit and healthy their self-confidence is boosted and their energy levels and motivation are increased. As they say a healthy body means a healthy mind! If you want to help your employees to be healthy, more mentally aware and energised to help boost productivity then setting up an office fitness centre is the perfect way to help boost staff health and morale. Look no further than Energy FitPro the UK’s leading provider in the design setting up and management of office fitness centres on business premises. The experienced team of fitness consultants at Energy FitPro offer a no obligation meeting to discuss and assess your requirements. They will work closely with you to meet your budget producing a schedule of all the costs involved to ensure that there are no hidden extras and that you are constantly kept in the loop as the project progresses to help you make informed decisions regarding your budget. Energy FitPro will totally project manage your office fitness centre from installation to providing you with the staff needed to offer your employees a comprehensive fitness programme. They will perform inductions and design bespoke fitness programmes so offering your employees the full fitness experience, and helping to improve the confidence and motivation of your staff. To discuss your office requirements, call the expert team now on 01483 237050 or visit the website to discover more about the benefits of installing an office fitness centre. Read our latest article: Corporate fitness programme

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