At the top of most people’s personal agenda at the moment is getting fit, shaping up and losing weight in preparation for the rapidly approaching Christmas season. Then there will be New Year, where getting fit and losing weight regularly tops the list of resolutions. The most popular times of day for your staff to be visiting the gym are before work, during lunch and at the end of the day, which can often mean those people either being a few minutes late into the office or leaving a few minutes early. Those few minutes soon add up, which can ultimately interrupt work productivity. Multiply that by the number of staff members using the gym across your workforce and you may find your business operations become affected. Installing an office gym at your own company premises has many benefits. Employee health is improved, long-term wellness enhanced and ultimately those lost minutes, which turn into hours and days over time, can be recovered. Add to that the attractiveness of office gyms in recruiting staff and retaining employees by offering such a perk as part of your benefits package. Competitors really can’t compete if you’re trying to recruit the best people to your company. Energy Fit Pro are a leading supplier of office gyms to businesses and universities right across the UK, if you are considering a corporate gym for your firm get in touch with their friendly team to find out how they can help by calling 01483 237050.

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