Why would you equip an office gym? Why not just suggest to your employees that they join the gym down the road? You could even subsidise membership there as an extra incentive. Well, there are a few really good reasons why an onsite gym is a better option.First of all, it’s more likely to get used than a gym up the road. After all, if your employees have to go out in the rain or dark, possibly past the bus stop home, to get to the gym, they’re probably just going to go home instead. But if the gym is onsite, they can just pop down in a spare half hour, or after work. It’s psychologically easier. Secondly, you can tailor the gym provision to your employees. Do you have a bunch of great team players who are more likely to do group exercise classes, or are your staff independent thinkers who like to do their own thing? An onsite gym allows you to cater for this.For more information or to arrange a free no-obligation management quotation from Energy Fitness Professionals, one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate fitness solutions, download the free brochure on corporate fitness solutions from the website https://energy-fitpro.co.uk/what-we-do/, call 01483 237050.

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