Creating, planning and installing an onsite office gym can facilitate a culture of healthy living, promote wellbeing, physical and mental fitness and help to motivate your employees towards a greater team spirit and therefore increase their motivation to work harder and smarter for your company. With the current buzz surrounding Team GB’s success at the London 2012 Olympics people are becoming more motivated towards health, fitness and sport so there has never been a better time to look towards creating an onsite office gym to incentivise your staff towards their best performance. Creating an onsite office gym also means that your employees are encouraged to remain within your premises both before and after work, as well as at lunchtime, when you could be missing minutes (that soon add up to hours and days) with people visiting an offsite gym. The professional experienced team at Energy Fitness Professionals are the market leaders in designing and creating onsite office gyms. Their experienced fitness representatives offer a no obligation meeting to assess your requirements, and discuss budgets to enable them to create the very best office gym for your business. Not only do Energy Fitness Professionals design and install onsite office gyms, but they provide a total management solution including providing the staff required to run your gym who will perform inductions and design bespoke fitness programmes for your employees. To discuss your onsite office gym requirements, call the expert team at Energy Fitness Professionals now on 01483 237050 or visit the website to discover more about the benefits of installing an office gym. Read our latest article: What is the best corporate gym management service?

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