Revtialised Corporate Fitness Programme

How an international sports retailer uplifted their corporate fitness services. 

Under the pioneering partnership with an International Sports Retailer since January 2023, Energy Fitness Professionals (EFP) has proven its mettle in transforming corporate fitness outcomes.

We’ve increased their class offerings from a limited 10 to a diverse 25 classes per month, ensuring a wider range of options to accommodate various fitness interests. This strategic expansion has resonated with the colleagues, driving class participation up five-fold from 200 to a staggering 1,000 attendees per month.

EFP’s tailored fitness programmes have not only contributed to a healthier workplace but also fostered a vibrant and inclusive fitness culture. This fitness revolution underpins our ability to deliver result-oriented, customisable solutions that boost engagement, improve health, and foster a sense of community.

Join us in our journey of transforming corporate wellness. With EFP, witness a tangible impact on your team’s wellbeing and productivity.

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