With the round of Christmas parties approaching many of your employees may well be thinking about shedding a few pounds to enable them to look good for the festive season. Looking even further forward to the New Year, this is of course a time when many join a gym and vow to start exercising more to shed the excesses of Christmas. What better way to help you valued employees feel and look healthier, boost morale and incentivise them to remain in your employment and ultimately spend more time in the office rather than wasted minutes commuting to and from the gym during lunchtime, before or after work than by installing a gym within your company premises. If you want help setting up an company gym then do not hesitate to contact the friendly professional team at Energy Fitness Professionals who are the UK’s leading provider in the design, setting up and management of company gyms within business premises. The experienced team of fitness consultants at Energy Fitness Professionals will arrange a consultation meeting to discuss and assess your requirements and budget. They will work closely with you to produce a schedule of all the costs involved to ensure that there are no hidden extras and once given the go-ahead, will ensure that you are constantly kept in the loop as the project progresses. Energy Fitness Professionals will totally project manage your company gym from start to finish and will even provide the staff needed to offer your employees a comprehensive fitness programme. They will perform inductions and design bespoke fitness programmes so offering your employees the full fitness experience all at your own in-house company gym. To discuss your requirements, call the expert team at Energy Fitness Professionals now on 01483 237050 or visit the website to discover more. Read our latest article; Help designing a workplace gymnasium

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