Creating, planning and installing onsite company gyms can provide real benefits to a broad spectrum of companies and their employees. It isn’t just about providing a perk that fizzles out after a few years; this is one of the only benefits that really will stand the test of time and provide other valuable benefits along the way. An onsite company gym helps create a culture of healthy living, promoting wellness in your organisation whilst providing a social network for employee interaction, team work and motivation. It is proven that exercise stimulates the human mind, reduces levels of stress and helps create a positive can-do attitude. Bringing all of this into your organisation ultimately delivers a generally healthier workforce and increased attendance, performance and productivity. It is important not to focus attention purely on fitness. Onsite company gyms are health and wellbeing centres that, by their very nature, provide an easily accessible facility that you invest in for the benefit of your workforce; after all they are your biggest asset. It also means that your employees are encouraged to remain onsite before and after work, as well as at lunchtime, when you could be missing minutes (that soon add up to hours and days) with people visiting an offsite gym. As the recession continues and the war for talent ploughs on, companies are looking at new ways to recruit quality staff to their business. Onsite company gyms can help with the recruitment process as potential candidates often make the final decision between two head-to-head opportunities based on the benefits packaged offered and the amenities available onsite. To see how a healthier lifestyle can be developed into your business, telephone the team at Energy Fit Pro on 01483 237050 or email

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