Having a tip top workforce helps with productivity both in work and with their own lifestyles. Keeping them fit means that you can benefit from having a healthy team and one which works hard to help themselves and their roles as employees.Introducing new ways for staff to enhance the way they feel and giving them time to do so has been proven to enhance the way they perform at work and here are a few top ways to keep your workforce fit:As an employer, you can offer ways in which to keep your staff fit. This doesn’t have to mean going to the expense of giving them gym memberships, it can be as simple as using a spare office and adding gym equipment that they can use on their breaks. Promote physical and mental wellbeing by offering fitness evaluations which can be easily booked through specialist companies that can give your staff accurate results, guidance and advice on things like body fat testing, blood pressure screenings and tips on how to relax after the working day.Medical advice and help with exercise can go a long way to assisting your staff with fitness issues too.In summary, you can add a gym or provide your workforce with advice on how to lead a varied and more healthy lifestyle. In turn it will help you achieve a more productive workforce and will assist with your core business processes and how your company works.

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