For the past few years, corporate fitness has grown within the workplace across the globe. Corporate fitness can be traced as far back as 1970 where employers felt the need to offer their employees fitness options and equipment to improve the wellbeing and health of their staff. Corporate Fitness is known to be fitness activities and equipment that is used to allow employees to keep fit before, during or after working hours. This is encouraged by programmes, classes, gyms and personal trainers at a workplace. Whether it’s on a daily or weekly basis, corporate fitness is a great way to prove that you care and is an effective way to attract and retain better quality staff. By using the service provided by Energy Fitness Professionals you can find the right corporate fitness programmes to suit your employees’ needs. There are many kinds of corporate fitness programmes that can be incorporated into a business or company. The benefit is that whether your employees want to do their fitness before, during or at the end of the day, they simply can. Normally there is a lapse in the day which reduces the exercise of a person. The point of leaving work to getting home – a lot of people have said that once they’re home, they do not want to venture out again; especially after a hard day of work. The type of programmes on offer include walking programmes, onsite fitness centres, onsite exercise classes, onsite personal training/group training, fitness challenges and contests, online fitness tools and application.

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