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At Energy Fitness Professionals, we believe that providing a full range of corporate fitness solutions and services will benefit your staff. The services we provide are specifically designed so that your employees hit their goals, in and out of the office. By providing your colleagues with a range of corporate health options, you will motivate them to exercise often, boosting team energy levels and increasing productivity in the workplace.

The corporate fitness services that we provide are aimed at helping your colleagues to get results and to increase their levels. If you can get your staff moving in their free time, you’ll be sure to see that they are more energised in the workplace. Plus, a key benefit of providing a variety of corporate fitness solutions is the way that leisure activities encourage staff to network and to build relationships across the work hierarchy.

We customise our fitness solutions to you

Our Corporate Fitness Services

Having a well-equipped gym is essential; however, many companies miss being able to provide the correct services to suit their team’s needs. We can personalise your service offering to ensure that your staff get the results they want.

Gym Management

Inductions – Programmes – Class & Studio Management – Personal Training – Weight Management Courses and more


We can design, order and install your new Fitness Centre or refurbishment.


We offer digital services to enhance on the onsite experience as well as support remote workers

Drop-in Wellbeing

Health Events – Seminars – Health Check Days – Classes – Webinars and more

With our range of corporate fitness services, we can create a solution that best fits your company, allowing the gym to cater for all employees. No matter how small or large your workforce is we can create a structure and program that fits you.

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